This is the PUBLIC menu. Use the links to jump to what you're hungry for:

v = vegetarian dish


Add chicken (3.95) or shrimp (5.95) to any salad.

Cheese Boardv
4 local cheeses, blood orange marmalade, sweet gherkin pickles, honeycomb 15.95
Tempura Battered Chicken Tendersv
served with house bbq, sweet chili, hot sauce aioli, or honey mustard 8.95
Caesar Saladv
romaine, parmesan, house ciabatta croutons. ask for anchovies 6.95
Public Saladv
Equinox Farm greens, goat cheese, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, with honey cider dressing 7.95
Pan Seared Scallopsv
black bean + corn salsa, roasted red pepper purée, honey-lime gastrique 13.95
Chopped Saladv
Farm Girl Farm baby head lettuce, red radish, red quinoa, broccoli, cucumber, red onion, feta, green goddess dressing 9.95
3.95 / 5.95


Margarita Flatbreadv
tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil 10.95
Buffalo Chicken Flatbreadv
shredded buffalo chicken, mozzarella + provolone cheese, shaved red onion, scallions, served with blue cheese + ranch dipping sauces 12.95
Mediterranean Flatbreadv
spinach, roasted red pepper + tomato, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, Maplebrook Farm feta 12.95 12.95
Pulled Prosciutto Flatbreadv
braised prosciutto, balsamic onions, Maplebrook Farm mozzarella, arugula, figs 13.95


Summer Risottov
lemon, roasted summer squash + zucchini, asparagus, Peace Valley Farm cherry tomato, garlic, parmesan add lobster (11.95) 12.95
in pita with Maplebrook farm feta, tzatziki, shaved red onion, served with housemade Israeli couscous salad 10.95
Fish + Chipsv
tempura battered + crispy fried, with house tartar aioli 12.95
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwichv
3 hour pork, cheddar, house slaw, pickled onions, ciabatta, served with fries 10.95
Beer Braised Chicken Tacosv
adobo sauce, jalapeño-cabbage slaw, manchego cheese, guacamole 10.95
New England Style Lobster Rollv
lemon aioli, diced tomato, scallions, served with fries 25.95
PEI Musselsv
house made fennel sausage, kale, tomato butter, grilled ciabatta 13.95



Make any burger a LOCAL BURGER by substituting ELMARTIN FARM LOCAL GRASS FED BEEF (3.00).


On any burger, substitute a gluten free bun (1.50) or add a fried egg (1.50) pulled pork (1.50) caramelized onions (1.00) bacon (1.00) banana peppers (0.75).


Basic Burgerv
greens, tomato, red onion + choice of Cheddar, Swiss, smoked gouda, or blue cheese, served with fries 9.95
The California Burgerv
Equinox Farm mixed greens, guacamole, pepper jack cheese, shaved red onion, cilantro-lime aioli, served with fries 12.95
Brie Burgerv
brie, arugula, + garlic aioli, served with fries 11.95
Public Burgerv
bacon, caramelized onion, roasted jalapeno mayo, served with fries 11.95


Mac + Cheesev
with pancetta, smoked gouda, + roasted tomato 16.95
Pappardelle Pastav
sauteed squash + zucchini, roasted pearl onions, Maplebrook Farm mozzarella, baby spinach, tomato cream sauce, parmesan 16.95
Pan Seared Salmonv
sauteed baby bok choy, wild rice, blueberry pomegranate sauce, crispy shallots 22.95
Grilled 10oz Boneless Pork Loinv
native rhubarb + onion chutney, Cricket Creek Farm Tobasi polenta, sauteed asparagus 23.95
Grilled 12oz NY Strip Steakv
Cricket Creek Farm Maggie’s Round potato au gratin, sauteed broccoli, sauteed wild mushroom, bordelaise 25.95
Herb Roasted Free-Range Chicken Statlerv
Farm Girl Farm rainbow Swiss chard, herbed fingerling potatoes, chicken jus 18.95
Linguine with Spicy Housemade Sausagev
tomato, red wine, chili pepper, parmesan 16.95


Ice Cream Sandwichv
house chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream 6.95
Chocolate Springs Chocolatesv
1 for 2.95 / 4 for 9.95 2.75 / 9.95
Lemon Cheesecakev
graham cracker crust 8.95
Peach-Raspberry Tartv
handmade butter crust 8.95


House Friesv
with garlic aioli 4
Peace Valley Farm Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoesv
Peace Valley Farm sauteed cauliflowerv
Peace Valley Farm Sauteed Swiss Chardv
Sauteed Baby Bok Choyv
Sauteed Asparagusv