Cabernet Sauvignon/Slingshot “North Coast”/California/2016
full bodied with gripping tannins; notes of black cherries, blueberries, + plumb are accented by warm spice, leather, + balanced acidity 12/ 42
Pinot Noir/Jackson Family Wines “Gran Moraine”/Oregon/2015
light bodied; flavors of black currants, cherries, + pine with well integrated tannins, balanced acidity + richness 62
Red Blend/Chateau Peyros Madiran “Vieilles Vignes”/FRance/2013
blend of Tannat + Cabernet Franc; deep purple in color + full bodied with gripping tannins and notes of rocky soil 34
Vinho Tinto/Susana Esteban “Aventura”/Portugal/2015
a blend of traditional Portuguese varietals, this wine is fresh + clean with notes of green vegetables, red fruit, + minerals 54
Shiraz/Tournon “Mathilda”/Australia/2013
medium-bodied with flavors of red cherry, black peppercorns, + earth, rounded out with light acidity + subtle tannins 10/ 35
Pinot Noir/Greenstone Point/New Zealand/2017
light + vibrant with notes of fresh, ripe red fruits, warming spice, + minerals. Balanced acidity + structure with well integrated tannins 10/ 35
Blaufrankisch/Judith Beck/Burgenland, Austria/2017
light bodied + soft on the palate. Notes of violets, blackberries, plumbs, + spice. Light + playfully tannins grip at the tongue. A great food wine! 39
Chateauneuf-Du- Pape/Clos Saint Jean/France/2014
aromas of dark red berries and spice, followed by a medium body with flavors of red current, blood orange + smooth tannins 79
Malbec/Zorzal/Mendoza, Argentina/2017
100% organic; bold + flavorful with notes of fresh berries, chalky soil, + baking spices. 10/ 35
Chianti/Terre di Corzano/San Casciano, Italy/2014
90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo; full bodied with notes of red fruit, tart plumbs, and herbs 42
Monastrell/Bodegas Volver “Tarima Hill”/ Valencia, Spain/2015
big+ bold. Notes of cherries, plumbs, + licorice on the palate, leathery tannins help this wine with its long, elegant finish 36
Red Blend/ Vila Santa “Reserva”/Portugal/2013
a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, + and other traditional Portuguese varietals; full bodied + playfully tannic with notes of black fruits + baking spices 9/ 32
Merlot/Hahn Family Wines “Central Coast”/California/2015
aromas of cherries + raspberries with flavors of plumbs, cassis, + dark chocolate. Soft tannins with a long, elegant finish 34
Cabernet Sauvignon/Madrigal Family Winery/Napa Valley/2012
full bodied; big + rich with flavors of cherries, back currants, + baking spice; soft tannins with a long finish 63
Petite Sirah/Seven Sinners “The Ransom”/California/2015
full bodied; notes of blackberry jam, baking spices, + dark, toasted oak with big, gripping tannins 36
Carignan/Vignoble Reveille “Tous des Oiseaux”/ France/2017
100% organic + biodynamic; this wine is bright, fresh, + medium bodied with balanced acidity, minerality, + well integrated tannins 44
Pinot Noir/Francois Raquillet “Mercurey”/Burgundy, France/2016
medium bodied; notes of black cherries + plumbs. Round + rich on the palate, smooth finish with grapping tannins 57
Red Blend/Domaine des Huards “Envol”/France/2013
blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay, + Cabernet Franc; light bodied with subtle notes of red fruit + warm spice, light minerality, + tannins 40
Red Blend/Mark Ryan Winery “The Chief”/Richland, WA/2015
aromas of red currant, cigar box, and toasty caramel; rich with a core of black cherry, raspberry, and cocoa 58


Chardonnay/Henry of Pelham/Ontario,Canada/2013
100% stainless steel fermented; medium bodied + dry on the palate with notes of crisp apple+ grapefruit 41
White Blend/Casa Belfi “Blanco delle Venezie”/Italy/NV
a blend of 100% organically farmed Chardonnay and Incrocio Manzoni, unfiltered, + aged in terracotta. Dry on the palate with notes of pear + citrus, well rounded with light acidity + minerality. Fun + exciting! 42
Viognier/Pierrick Harang “Balthazar”/France /2016
medium bodied; aromas of fresh flowers + citrus on the nose, followed by flavors of peaches + apricot with balanced acidity 26
Sauvignon Blanc/Petite Sirene/Bordeaux, France/2016
full bodied; dry on the palate with notes of stone fruit, green apple, + minerality 10/ 35
White Blend/Edmunds St. John “Heart of Gold”/California/2016
51% Vermentino, 49% Grenache Blanc, stainless steel fermented + aged on the lees, making this white blend well rounded + easily approachable with bright notes of citrus, crisp pear, + stone fruit 41
Albariño/Jorge Ordoñez “la Caña”/Spain/2017
medium bodied; mineral driven with exciting flavors of peach, pear, + green apple. This fun Spanish white is perfect for the fall! 11/ 39
Chardonnay/Lamoreaux Landing/Finger Lakes/2014
aged in a blend of stainless tanks + American oak, this Chardonnay has flavors of stonefruit + citrus with a smooth, round finish 34
Pinot Gris/MWC/Victoria, Austrailia/2017
medium-bodied; bright, + fresh with flavors of mango, honey, + straw. Round on the palate with hints of spice + minerality 11/ 39
Chardonnay/Thomas Henry/Sonoma County, CA/2017
medium bodied with flavors of green apple, toasted brioche, + butter. Round on the palate with light acidity + hints of oak 10/ 35
Riesling/Später-Veit “Riesling Feinherb”/Germany/2017
bright, sweet, + refreshing with notes of green apple, honey, + mineral rich soil 10/ 35
Pinot Blanc/Lieb Cellars/Long Island/2015
dry, vibrant, + crisp with notes of lemongrass, rose petals, + sea spray; zero residual sugar; sustainably farmed 44
Sauvignon Blanc/Channing Daughters/Long Island, NY/2017
100% stainless steel fermented; dry + mineral driven with notes of citrus zest + green fruit 40
Moscatel/Botani/Jorge Ordonez /Spain/2015
crisp apple and floral on the nose, dry on the palate with notes of honey, citrus, and tropical fruits 40
perfectly acidic + salty with hints of meyer lemon, white peach, quince - with just a touch of sweetness 43
Chenin Blanc/Jaulin-Plaisantin/Loire Valley, Fr. /2015
bright + vibrant with notes of green fruit and citrus, mildly acidic + subtly sweet 54
Riesling/Jean Becker/Alsace, France/2016
aged in mature oak casks, this Riesling is round on the palate with notes of green apples, honey, + toasted brioche. Balanced acidity + subtly sweet 31

Bubbly + Rosé

Blanc De Noirs/Gruet/New mexico/NV
a blend of Pinot Noir + Chardonnay; full- bodied, bright + acidic with a fine mousse; notes vanilla + warm spice 11/ 39
Rose/Division/Willamette valley/2016
100% Pinot Noir; crisp, dry, + floral with notes of red berries, honey, + minerality 48
Sparkling Brut Rose/Le Grand Courtage/France/NV
smooth + refresshing with a fine mousse; notes of bright red berries, tart cherries, + a touch of sweetness 39
Durello Extra Brut/Dama del Rovere/Veneto, Italy/NV
a fine + playful mousse is accompanied by notes toasted brioche, bright stone fruit, + almonds 44
Champagne/Francoise Bedel “Origin’elle”/France/NV
75% Pinot Meunier, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir; notes of peach + apricot are joined with flavors of green apple + raisins, this wine finishes bright and exciting. Perfect for your special occasion! 84
Rosé/IBY Wines/ Burgenland, Austria/2017
bright + fresh with notes of strawberries + raspberries. A perfect balance of acidity + sweetness with a nice, round finish 9/ 32
Sparkling Lambrusco/Sant’Agata/Italy/NV
medium bodied; deep pink in color, refreshing on the palate with notes of red berries + violets, accented by sharp acidity, a touch of sweetness, + playful bubbles 12/ 42