on tap bottles wine cocktails

Rose Negroni
Berkshire Mountain Distillery Greylock gin, Cocchi Rosa, rose liqueur (big rock) 12
Pretty in Pink
Blanco Tequila, Aperol, lemon, simple, aquafaba (rocks) 11
Frequent Flyer
Hanson’s habanero vodka, creme de violette, Maraschino liqueur, lemon, TNT Bitters Co. Fire in the Hole poblano bitters (rock) 12
Mezcal + Chill(i)
El Buho Mezcal, Ancho Reyes ancho pepper liqueur, simple syrup, TNT Bitters Co. espresso bitters (rock) 12
Rye You Mad?
Mad River Distillers Revolution Rye, Dolin sweet vermouth, dry curacao, mint-lime syrup (up) 12
The Bitter Peach
Tito’s Handmade vodka, Aperol, Velvet Felarnum, lemon, Fee Brother’s peach bitters, topped with club (Collins) 11
The Spice Must Flow
Tito’s Handmade vodka, Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur, allspice dram, lime, TNT Bitters Co. Kamikaze bitters, topped with club (Collins) 11
Rum, Two, Three, Four
Berkshire Mountain Distillery Ragged Mountain rum, Applejack, dry curacao, TNT Bitters Co. espresso bitters 12
Early Spring
Monteru double distilled French brandy, creme de cassis, lemon, simple, topped with Blanc de Noir (up) 12
Fashionably Late
Elijah Craig bourbon, Cherry Heering, dry curacao, TNT Bitters Co. Alibi aromatic + citrus bitters (rock) 11